chalk art at Avant

This week I'm technically on spring break! Technically because all the schools I teach at are on break so I don't have any scheduled art lessons. This is great because it gives me full days to work on my own projects and even take a little time for myself. 

Yesterday I spent a couple hours at Avant Tapas & Wine in Buellton drawing on their chalk wall. A good friend gave them my number and they asked if I'd like to come by and have at it! I've done giant chalk murals before on the side of the C Gallery but I wanted to try something a little different this time. I had so much fun drawing this beast out, definitely a nice break from all the intricate and small watercolors I've been making lately. So this may be the only break like thing I do this week, but at least it was an artistic break!  


bits & pieces of March

This year is rushing by so fast! March was barely a blip on the calendar and I'm sure April will be gone before we can admire all the spring flowers. This is both good and bad...bad because I have some pretty big commissions still lingering that are taking longer than I anticipated. I'm trying to save up a good chunk before the summer so I have taken on more art classes and I was able to knock a big thing off my 2014 list this weekend! We held a yard sale! And made a pretty good chunk of change, but more importantly got rid of a LOT of stuff. 

The year passing by quickly is also good because I'll be taking off back to Italy in June! As always, I have a funky itinerary (not through Russia this time!) that will take me from JFK to Dublin then Rome! IRELAND! I don't think my layover will be that long but I'll be content with a handful of postcards and a Guinness at the airport. 

1. I can't be a crazy cat lady so my next logical option is to be a crazy succulent lady. My little collection is getting bigger and bigger...as is the variety of their containers...
2. This is one of the beastly beauties I'm working on right now! It's a giant wedding album for some dear friends and I can't wait to show it off once it is all done! Any day now...
3. I had an EPIC day of yard sale hunting! 13 records for $20! Including the single of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk," one of my favorite songs! Oh it was a good day...
4. This is the latest and sweetest Giant Collage Card I have made...he asked for a vintage ballerina card to give his wife for her birthday (her first birthday since they got married). How sweet is that?! It seems like Etsy is the mecca for all the sweet guy shopping...definitely makes my job all the more fun. 

5. March was definitely the month of Indigo, and little Indigo books. I'm sad that my fingers are no longer tinted a pretty shade of blue...guess it's time to order up another batch! 
6. I'm getting so antsy to get back to Lucca! I'm already plotting the construction of Quarto, the next sketchbook to follow Terzo. I'm also thinking of making some extra giant handmade sketchbooks for the Etsy shop too...thoughts?
7. Just some pretty blossoms at a friend's house.

Is your April off to a good start? Any adventures that you're counting down to for summer? I have 68 days til I leave!